About Us

Purser Oil Company, founded in 1948 has over 69 years of experience serving the Charlotte area. For many years, home heating controversial topics oil and light commercial fuels were our only product lines and were delivered by small tank trucks. Our original office space was leased in the back of a neighborhood service station. The growth of our business required us to expand and in December of 1992 we built our current facility.

To meet the challenges of the petroleum industry, we have added gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricants and 24-hour automated commercial card lock stations to our business.

We maintain a modern fleet of delivery trucks with GPS navigation units, a 2,600 sq. foot office, a warehouse and tank storage facility. We take pride in working with our highly qualified personnel. Most of our employees have been with our company in excess of 10 years with several over 20 years. They are well trained and are the best in the industry.

Purser Oil Company has grown from a small fuel dealer to one of Shell Oil’s largest volume lubricant cause and effect essay topics jobbers in the nation. We added Total as a lubricant supplier in 2000. Our newest addition is the Total high performance oils that we added in 2006.

H. D. Purser

Stan Purser
Vice President

Jeff Purser
Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

Top quality products, superior services and competitive prices are our goals.