Purser Oil Company is located in Charlotte, NC. Our office, warehouse and bulk tank farm is located at 3259 Leota Dr. This is near the Graham Street and I-85 interchange and also convenient to I-77 at exit 12, (LaSalle St. exit.). This ease of access to major thoroughfares enables our trucks to offer superior delivery and save time for the commercial accounts that pick up products.


Our facilities include a 10,000 square foot warehouse that stores all types of lubricants and oils. Our 2,600 square foot office is adjacent to the warehouse with room for growth. We designed our tank farm to store fuels and bulk lubricants within one containment area. This coupled with two loading racks enable our trucks to load both fuels and lubricants without interference. This eye to detail has enabled us to maintain a fast, efficient and economical delivery system.

Fuel Stations

In addition to a conventional approach to the petroleum business, we have constructed automated 24-hour commercial fueling stations. One of our stations is located next to our warehouse facility, near I-77 and I- 85. The other is located at 4901 Sirus Ln, off hwy. 160 (West Blvd.) near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. These automated stations enable commercial accounts an alternative to on site storage of fuel at their facilities. This automation allows continuous availability to our customers of fuel 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tied in with the stations we own and operate, we have joined the CFN network. This is a nationwide network of Independent Oil Jobbers, Distributors and Wholesalers who own and operate automated stations similar to ours. One card enables our customers to purchase fuel nationwide in a controlled environment that accommodates their special needs.


Warehouse and Unattended Fuel Station
3259 Leota Dr. Charlotte, NC 28206

Unattended Fuel Station
4901 Sirus Lane, Charlotte, NC 28208