Since 1948, Purser Oil Co. has served the fuel needs of the Piedmont Carolinas. Over the years Purser Oil Co. has reached out to our customers to understand their needs. We started out delivering heating oils and light commercial fuels. Adapting to the needs of our customers we have added additional fuels, lubricants and oil products to our delivery service. These products include; Shell lubricants, Total lubricants, House Brand lubricants, 24 hour card lock gas stations, and a remote tank monitoring system to better serve our clients needs. We now deliver more products and provide service to an even larger area reaching out to Mecklenburg County and to the surrounding communities.

Due to our commitment to customer controversial debate topics service and providing superior products Shell has awarded us its’ most prestigious award, Shell’s East Coast Lubricant Jobber of the Year, three times. We are committed to providing new services and products to meet our customer’s needs. If there is a product or service in our business that we don’t offer please call or email us.

Petroleum Delivery

We deliver petroleum for the residential, commercial, industrial and farming industries. We can refill your tank or for special requirements put the product directly into machinery or equipment. For commercial accounts we can provide tanks through our equipment loan or rent to own programs. These tanks may be for fuels or lube oils. Our most common tanks sizes are from 275 gallons all the way up to 2,000 gallons. We offer larger tanks on an as needed basis. In addition to tanks, we can supply the equipment to take the product(s) from the tank(s) to the fill point. This equipment may be as simple as a valve on a tank or a stand for a gravity flow installation, or for more elaborate installations, dispenser pumps with nozzles, meters, and piping. Tank gauges or wireless tank monitors can be provided. Each installation is unique and is tailored to your specific operation.

We maintain a modern fleet of delivery trucks with GPS navigation units for fast, efficient delivery of your products. We have 24 hour fuel delivery service for emergency or special needs of our regular customers. Our drivers are well trained professionals with most being long term employees. We hope you get to meet them.

Automated Unattended Fuel Stations

Purser Oil Co. has two automated unattended 24-hour commercial fuel stations in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to meet your needs. We offer a station located next to our warehouse so you can fill-up your vehicle’s tank while you pick up your lubricants. Both of our unattended stations are part of the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Our automated stations coupled with the CFN Network can help manage your fleet 24/7.

With this system, fleet operators are in the driver seat! Purser Oil Company and CFN can offer you unsurpassed technology and to efficiently and cost effectively run your fleet. With Internet capabilities, you can determine where a vehicle has fueled cause and effect topics seconds after the transaction! The CFN LIVE system offers daily reporting of fuel usage. No more waiting for essential information that drives your fleet. Statements become the back-up, not the bible of a fleet’s fueling activity offering you total fuel management.

    • Immediate lockout of cards (real time)


    • Time of day and day of week fueling restrictions


    • Product Control


    • Transaction and gallons per transaction limits


  • Online access to your account information 24/7 via the Internet from your home, office, even the beach

Has your fueling card called you lately?

Every time a selected CFN fuel card is authorized, declined, or the sale is complete, an e-mail is sent to a designated pager, cell phone or computer. It’s called CFN Card Watch and it’s just one of the many security and tracking features offered by CFN. CFN can reduce, even eliminate misappropriation of fuel usage. Take control of your fleet with CFN!

Remote Tank Monitoring

Purser Oil Co. can monitor your tanks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by wireless connection, regardless of location, tank size, or product. We can help you synchronize your deliveries with your actual daily usage. More efficient deliveries mean less paperwork for you. Purser Oil can detect high usage patterns early on so we can step up delivery as your usage increases. You can also have secure web access to your tank information if you desire. You can review your historical daily usage, projected daily usage, delivery information and tank location information by internet. To start your tank level monitoring program contact us today.

If you find you are outside our delivery areas don’t worry, we ship lubricants to anywhere USA.

Call us today to inquire about our services and don’t forget about our tank loan program, oil analysis and automatic fill program.