Engine Oils and Greases

Engine oils are required to clean and maintain engine cleanliness, lubricant, and flow at the proper viscosity, operate at a broad range of temperatures, neutralize acids created by combustion, prevent rust internally, and prevent wear at high stress areas.

Greases must be able to stay in place at a wide temperature range, not melt from heat, and resist washout, seal out dirt, not leak, and lubricate the component where it is applied.

There is a wide range of quality in both greases and engine oils currently on the market. Some do well and some should not be used. That’s why dealing with a knowledgeable and quality oriented company is important.

Purser Oil Company believes in supplying the best product for your application. We only stock products that we believe in and we use the products we sell.

Shell Oil Company has the best heavy duty oils currently available for heavy duty trucks, construction equipment, farm and mobile diesel engines, the Rotella T4 TP 15W40, Rotella T5 10W30 and Rotella T6 5W40 . Shell Oil is one of the largest and most admired companies in the world. They have great research and development facilities and use them to develop superior products.

Total oil products are high performance products with emphasis on full synthetic engine oils. Total, formerly Elf synthetic engine oils may be the best automotive oils currently available.

Total, formerly Fina brand, has a superior line of lubricants with a strong commitment to personal service. They supply OEMs factory fill lubricants and oils for many of the machines you buy. Their strength is quality products, great service and a true appreciation for your business. They aim to please.

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Albida® Grease SLC 220

(Albida Has Been Replaced By Gadus S5 V220 2)

Gadus S1 V160D 2

(Formerly Super Duty Grease.  For Car, Truck, Industrial, Light Moly)

Gadus® S2 High Speed Coupling Grease

(Formerly Alvania CG.  Coupling Grease, Other Industrial Applications)

Gadus S2 V100 2

(Formerly Alvania RL 2.   Multi-Purpose, Light Duty, Non E.P.)

Gadus S2 V220 00

(Formerly Alvania EP 00.   Extreme Pressure, Multi-Purpose, Auto, Industrial)

Gadus S2 V220 0

(Formerly Alvania EP 0.   Extreme Pressure, Multi-Purpose, Auto, Industrial)

Gadus S2 V220 1

(Formerly Alvania EP 1.   Extreme Pressure, Multi-Purpose, Auto, Industrial)

Gadus S2 V220 2

(Formerly Alvania EP 2.   Extreme Pressure, Multi-Purpose, Auto, Industrial)

Gadus S2 V460A 2

(Formerly Retinax WR 2.   Resists Water Washout, Construction, Farm, Mining, Industrial)

Gadus S3 A1000XD 2

(Formerly Rhodina Grease SDX.   For Truck Fifth Wheel, Industrial, High Moly & Graphite)

Gadus S3 T100 2

(Electric Motor, Industrial, A Very High Technology Grease Designed To Give Optimum Performance For grease Lubrication In Industrial Bearings.
It Is Based On Mineral Oil, Non-EP, With A special Diurea Thickener To Give Long Life, Low Wear & Shear-Stable Properties At High Temperatures)

Gadus S3 V220C 2

(Formerly Retinax LX and Albida EP 2.   Red Color, Heavy Duty, Auto, Truck, Construction, Industrial)

Gadus S3 V460D 1
(Formerly Retinax CMX 1.   Construction, Winter Grade, Heavy Duty, 3% Moly)

Gadus S3 V460D 2

(Formerly Retinax CMX 2.   Construction, Heavy Duty, 3% Moly)

Gadus S3 V460XD 2

(Formerly Retinax MDX 2.   Construction, Heavy Duty, 5% Moly, Exceeds Caterpillar Specifications)

Gadus S5 V100 2

(Gadus S5 V100 2 Is A Lithium Complex Grease Based on Synthetic Base Oils, It Contains EP, Wear & Rust Preventing Additives. Good for High Speed Motors, Fans & Pumps)

Gadus S5 V 220 2

(Formerly Abida Grease SLC 220.  Premium Synthetic Based Lithium Complex Grease, Industrial, Auto)

Engine Oils

Caprinus® XR 40

(Locomotive & Marine Engine Oil, Zinc-Free, Chlorine-Free)

FormulaShell® 5W20
(Gasoline Engine Oil 5W20)

FormulaShell® 5W30
(Gasoline Engine Oil 5W30)

FormulaShell® 10W30

(Gasoline Engine Oil 10W30)

FormulaShell® 10W40
(Gasoline Engine Oil 10W40)

FormulaShell® Synthetic 5W20
(Full Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil 5W20)

FormulaShell® Synthetic 10W30

(Full Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil 10W30)

Shell Nautilus® 2 Cycle oil

(Boat And Two Cycle Gasoline Engines)

Rimula® Super 15W40 (CJ-4)

(API CJ-4, For 2007 Diesel Engines, Backward Compatible with Earlier Year Model Engines, Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T1 30 (CF/CF-2)

(High Performance Mixed Fleet, Diesel And Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T1 40 (CF/CF-2)

(High Performance Mixed Fleet, Diesel And Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T3 Fleet 15W40 (CK-4)

(Meets API CK-4, Mixed Fleet, Diesel And Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T Triple Protection 10W30 (CJ-4)

(Heavy Duty Diesel API CJ-4 and Gasoline Engines, Cars And Trucks)

Rotella® T Triple Protection 15W40 (CJ-4)

(Best Diesel Oil For Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks, Construction, Farm, Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T4 Triple Protection 15W40 (CK-4)

(Formerly Rotella T Triple Protection 15W40, Best Diesel Oil For Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks, Construction, Farm, Some Gasoline)

Rotella® T5 10W30 (CK-4)

(Synthetic Blend, Energy Savings Technology, Heavy Duty Diesel, API CK-4)

Rotella® T6 5W40 (CK-4)

(Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel, API CK-4)

Shell T2 HD 15W40 (Ck-4)

(Competitive Priced Heavy Duty Oil For Gasoline And Diesel Engines API CK-4 )


Marson® Open Gear Grease

(Maximum Protection for Open Gears & Slides, Contains Moly, Graphite & Extreme Pressure Additivies)

Multis Complex EP NA

(Formerly Marson Liplex Grease, Premium Quality, High Performance, Extreme Pressure, Lithium Complex)

Multis Complex ET

(Premium Quality, Multipurpose Grease, Extra Tacky)

Multis Complex HV

(Premium Quality, High Performance, Extreme Pressure)

Multis EP NA

(Formerly Marson EPL Greases, Premium Quality, High Performance, Extreme Pressure, Lithium, Good General Purpose Grease)

Multis MS 2

(Formerly Marson Moly #2, Extreme Pressure, Lithium, Multipurpose With Moly)

Vestan® FM Grease

(Food Grade Grease)

Engine Oils

Classic SN GF-5 SB (Synthetic Blend) Oils

(Multi-Grade Synthetic Blend Passenger Car Engine Oils, API SN GF-5 Credentials)

Neptuna 2T Super Sport

(Ashless High Performance Two Cycle Oil. Meets Outboard Motor TC-W3, TC-WII or TC-W. May Be Used In All Equipment Calling For Two Cycle Oil)

Prosylva 2T Syn NA

(Two Cycle, Low Smoke Oil, For Use In Small Engines With Gasoline And Gasoline Containing Up To 10% Ethanol)

Rubia S Straight Weight Oils

(Universal Heavy Duty Straight Grade Diesel And Gasoline Engine Oils, Allison C-3)

Rubia TIR 7800 15W40

(Heavy Duty Diesel, API CI-4 Plus, Gasoline, High Performance Oil)

Rubia TIR 7900 15W40

(Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Including New 2007 Engines, API CJ-4/SM, Gasoline, High Performance On And Off Highway Oil, Backward Compatible With Earlier Year Model Engines)

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High Performance Engine Oils

Quartz 9000 Future XT 10W30 5W20, 5W30 & 10W30

(High Performance Full Synthetic Engine Oil, API SN GF-5)

Quartz 9000 Energy 5W40

(Synthetic High Performance European  Engine Oil, API SN/CF, MB 229.5, Volkswagen 502.00 & 505.00, BMW LL-01, Porsche A40)

Quartz INEO MC3 5W30

(Synthetic Low SAPS Engine Oil For German Vehicles and GM (Dexos 2), MB 229.51, Volkswagen 502.00 & 505.01, BMW Long life-04 (LL-04))

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