Purser Oil delivers high-performance fuels from several suppliers. These include but are not limited to; Shell, Valero, Marathon Oil, and several others. This array of suppliers allows us the ability to have reliable supply and the ability to shop prices.

Fuel today is much different than several years ago. There are many grades of gasoline today where there use to be only three main grades. Diesel fuel is now clear or dyed, high sulfur, low-sulfur, or the newest ultra low sulfur. There are new blends of petroleum-based fuel with vegetable based products.

For  how to handle, store, and dispose of gasoline safely, please click here.

For the Marathon Oil Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please click here.

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We have all the major fuels that most individuals and companies request. We deliver gasoline, diesel fuels, kerosene and heating fuels. We deliver to homes, offices, commercial building, construction sites, farms, manufacturing plants, and municipalities. You can depend on our fleet of trucks or in cases where required we may use commercial carriers to deliver your fuels. With the proper equipment customers can pick up fuel at our bulk plant. This is especially helpful to construction companies with needs for the off highway diesel fuels.


Many fuel companies today do not have bulk fuel storage at their warehouse, instead opting to pull fuel straight from the tank terminals to their customers. This can shave cost off daily operations but limits availability during shortages. Purser Oil Company offers both. We load fuel straight from the terminal to your tanks, but we also have storage at our facilities. This enables us to buy ahead of price increases and store fuel ahead of inclement weather such as ice storms, snow and hurricanes that may temporary disrupt fuel supplies or distribution. We are a reliable supplier of fuel that keeps your business moving.

Fuel Conditioners

Purser Oil Co. offers Power Service, the #1 brand of diesel fuel conditioners for trucking. It offers protection from fuel gelling, freezing and keeps the fuel conditioned. We offer their products because they have advanced fuel cleaning technology that has been proven effective in hundreds of fleet, construction and agricultural applications. Power Service products are a vital part of any preventive maintenance program or for immediate clean-up of equipment or fuel storage tanks.

In addition to serving conventional fuel needs, we serve generators and pumps, on site fleet fueling and other special fueling requests.